logo2014newmyCosmeticBag was started in 2009 by three friends and colleagues – Stela, Chrissy, and Anisha – all working as web developers and designers in Southern California. As successful young ladies in a male-dominated industry, they were naturally magnetized to each other and often shared their experiences with makeup and beauty while coding and designing cutting-edge websites. The topic of conversation in their office fluidly went from geek-speak to chic-speak throughout their 9-5 work day.

What is myCosmeticBag

myCosmeticBag is an award winning beauty blog written by a team of diverse women of all ages and backgrounds. We use myCosmeticBag as a platform to share beauty product reviews, makeup and haircare tips, tutorials, and giveaways with women across the world.

myCosmeticBag is also a web application that team mCB is working on that will help women find makeup that works for their unique physical traits. We are hoping to launch our new website in 2014.


Who is Team mCB?

We are a team of makeup enthusiasts and every-day girls who write about our favorite (and not-so-favorite) beauty products as well as share beauty tips and ideas with women of all ages and backgrounds.


Christine Pham

Christine – or Chrissy, as she’s known on myCosmeticBag – is a programmer and web designer based in Boston, Massachusetts with a passion for beauty and cosmetics. mySQL book in one hand and mascara wand in the other, she takes a huge hand in the planning and execution of myCosmeticBag’s development. She is also in charge of the creative direction of all of myCosmeticBag’s properties.

Anisha Giri

Anisha is also a web developer and designer, currently living in Northern California, who loves buying and experimenting with makeup. She loves creating bold and dramatic looks to share with myCosmeticBag’s readers. Anisha is in charge of the blog and social media marketing, and also helps with the creation of myCosmeticBag’s website set to launch in June.

Stela Pham

Stela is a web developer from Southern California who loves DIY projects, arts and crafts, and – of course – playing with makeup! She is in charge of the website’s development and infrastructure. You may not see a lot of Stela around the blog, but myCosmeticBag’s resident “nail guru” is more of a behind-the-scenes “code-monkey” who devotes her time to creating a great website, which users will be able to enjoy after our launch in June

Working with myCosmeticBag

If you’re interested in working with myCosmeticBag – in any capacity – we definitely welcome you to reach out to us by going to our Contact Us page. We are open to advertising opportunities, co-blogging and cross-promotions, receiving beauty products to review, interns for marketing or web development,  and guest bloggers.

Writing for myCosmeticBag

Unfortunately we no longer have any paid positions available at myCosmeticBag, but we’re always looking for contributors to our blog. So, if you are interesting in guest-blogging for myCosmeticBag – to get your thoughts out there, to promote yourself, whatever your motivation may be – please feel free to reach out to us!

If you would like to serve beauty/makeup/fashion related ads on myCosmeticBag, please visit our Advertising page.

Sending Products to myCosmeticBag

Got a product you want us to try? We’re happy to accept any beauty product samples to review on the myCosmeticBag Blog. We’ll do our best to provide our honest opinion as well as inform our readers about the benefits of your products. Contact us and let us know what kind of product you’d lik to send us – we’ll match you with the mCB writer who can best give an informed opinion about your product – for instance, Stela is our resident nail guru, whereas Anisha has the boldest style and loves colorful eyeshadow. Chrissy has the most high-end hair products, and Jenn loves inexpensive drug-store brands. Read some of our product reviews to get a taste of what we can offer.

We love running contests and giving away free products to our readers. If you’d like to sponsor one of our contests or giveaways, we would love to speak with you! Sponsoring a contest or giveaway may be the perfect way to promote your brand or product. We’ll do our best to inform our readers about what you can offer.

Interning with myCosmeticBag

We are currently looking for online marketing and social media interns as well as web development interns!

We are looking for driven self-starters who live and breathe social media and has an interest in learning how a company breaks out into an emerging market such as beauty and cosmetics. If you are interested in interning with us, contact us – or better yet – tweet at us!

If you are an aspiring web designer or developer and would like to get experience creating a cutting-edge product from the ground up, let us know! We welcome students as well as self-taught designers and developers who have an interest in:

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • PHP
  • UI Development
  • Database Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • UX Design
  • Web Project Management

Chrissy, Stela, and Anisha are all experienced professionals in web development and design, and take a hands-on approach to mentoring and teaching. Our philosophy on learning? Dive head-first into the deep end and start treading water! If you want to get your hands dirty and gain valuable real-world, practical experience, then apply for an internship at myCosmeticBag. We can offer letters of recommendation and references for any myCosmeticBag intern.