Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has been wildly successful with the “Lip Tars” they introduced a few years ago.  If you’re one of the few women on the planet who doesn’t own one or ten, this is lip color with the opacity of a lipstick and the easy application of a gloss.  It comes in stunning shades, from demure to all-out shocking, and wears forever.  Hot on the heels of “Lip Tars,” OCC has now introduced multi-purpose “Crème Colour Concentrates.”  These pods are available in six shades at Sephora for $20.00 each.  They are meant to be applied anywhere blendable, buildable, long-wearing pigment is needed–eyes, cheeks, and lips.  These lightweight hues are packed with emollients, including aloe leaf and cocoa extracts and Vitamin E for comfortable wear and a satin finish.  I bought two, one in “Miriam,” a whitened plum, and “Terra Cotta.”

 arm swatches


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You can swipe these colors on with your fingertips, blend with a sponge, or use with brushes for a more precise, finished look.  I tried this on my eyes first.  It’s a pale shade.  On my fair skin, it’s hard to wear alone, leaving me looking like I need more hours of sleep.  So I use it as a base and blend with deep slate blue, charcoal, or amethyst.  It spreads easily and doesn’t crease for long hours of wear or through heat and humidity.  On cheeks, “Miriam” is pure delight!  It gives a most subtle, flattering glow.  This was put to the ultimate test.  I applied it on a busy day and fell asleep without removing my makeup (a capital crime, to be sure).  I awoke with the color intact and still lovely.  I would buy “Miriam” simply as a blush.  These “Crème Colours” have different properties depending on where they are applied.  When on lips, the white in the formula truly shows up for a retro, nude look.  I had to laugh–I had a vision of myself in 1966, alternately fingering the wide headband on my perfectly poufed and flipped hair and the lucite balls hanging on long chains from my ears and adjusting my very mini skirt to a position where I could sit comfortably.  I glide on Cutex’s newest white frost lipstick over my pout, knowing that I look good, nearly as good as Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton.  The problem is that 1966 was before my time.  My skirts aren’t nearly as short, I’ve never tried to get my hair to flip, and I need pigment to augment my lips or I am ghostly.  “Miriam” fails as a solo lip color for me, but it’s a great trip back in time or a base for another lipstick or gloss.

“Terra Cotta”

This blend of coral and light brown is a no-go on my eyes.  I wore it to the drugstore and was greeted by more than a few raised eyebrows from people who know me well.  As with “Miriam,” I can use it as a base for a deep taupe or chocolate for unrivaled wear.  This would work better for women with deeper skin tones.  On the other hand, this is the perfect blush for summer (or all year round)!  Dare I say it?  It is more becoming and gives a more natural, sun-kissed bronze to cheeks than Nars’ famous “Orgasm.”  It stays in plays and is a must-have.  On my mouth, additional pigment is once again in order.  It is the most tender bronze available; adding increased product here adds to the amount, not the hue.  My lips beg for extra “oomph!”  I cover with an enhancing gloss or lipstick in the same or a complementary hue and am happy.  OCC “Crème Colours” are worth the price for the stunning blushes they are.  If you are into unique eye colors and nude lips, more power to you!  Oh yeah, and peace, man.

Buy the OCC’s “Creme Colour Concentrates” on Sephora.com for $20!