This is not easy for me to say, so I’m taking a deep breath first.  Here goes:  “Hello, my name is Gigi, and I am a palettoholic.”  It has taken me years and the help of many friends to be able to admit this.  This disease is not as rare as you may think.  It occurs when a woman (in this case, me) cannot resist cosmetic palettes.  She generally buys them on a whim or obsesses over them in her mind for days and nights and still buys them anyway.  Yes, I am loving the Tarte “Aqualillies” I reviewed, but Stila, that clever company, is offering limited-edition palettes at Sephora for $10.00 (you read that correctly; this is a $67.00 retail value!).  I saw them and first ordered three, one of each.  I was so pleased the I ordered another three to use when I finish the first ones.



The Palettes

Each palette contains colors meant to reflect the natural topography and culture of a major city.  There is “Stylish in Seoul”, described below, “Rockin’ in Rio,” and “Vibrant in Vancouver.”  “Seoul” represents a unique cosmopolitan area where tradition meets trend-setting fashion and stylish sophistication.  The shades have a pink/purple theme and are sultry and flattering  “Rio” revolves around lush hues of blue, silver, and ecru because of the beautiful beaches found there, while “Vancouver” combines peach, gold, green, and brown to represent the stunning coastal and mountain scenery of the area.

Seoul-Flat new

“Stylish in Seoul”

The palettes are all packaged in hard cardboard and close magnetically.  They are so sleek and slim that they will fit in the smallest handbag (perfect for evening).  Each comes with a large mirror and a schematic with suggestions as to how to best use the shades.  There are five finely-milled eye shadows (all can be used wet or dry!) and a generous amount of Stila’s revered “Convertible Color,” a creamy lip/cheek color which leaves you luminous and wears forever.    The looks you can create are limitless, from barely-there to all-out-wow.  The “Seoul” palette has a large well of a nude with a faint hint of pink, “Zen,” which works beautifully when applied from eyelid to brow bone.  It has tender glimmer, leaving your eyes sparkling and creating the perfect canvas for additional color.  Next comes “Dynasty,” a rose-infused champagne.  “Palace” is a gently gleaming silver, while “Midnight” is a shimmering taupe.  My favorite hue is “Empire,” an opulent, deep matte amethyst.  In a hurry, I use a good brush to cover my entire lid with “Zen” and simply contour with “Empire” in the crease, smudging a bit under bottom lashes instead of liner.  It looks like I spent a great deal of time on my makeup when it actually takes about two minutes.  These shadows are highly blendable and endure through long days and nights with nary a crease, but I suggest using a great primer like Too Faced’s “Shadow Insurance” to extend wear even longer.


“Convertible Color”

Stila is know for its luscious, substantive lip and cheek tint, “Convertible Color.”  A mini-compact retails for $25.00 alone.  Coverage is quite buildable.  On lips, there is a cushioned, buttery-soft feel.  This particular palette includes this tint in “Azalea,” which is not nearly as pink as you might assume.  It is more of a tea rose.  Use fingers or a sponge to apply to apples of cheeks and blend upward toward cheekbones for a radiant glow.  On your pout, the color is shiny and sexy, wearable for women of all skin tones.  If you truly want a polished look, use a lip brush to line lips with the tint and then fill in with the color itself.  Of course, you can always use your fingers.

World-Class Colors

Join me in traveling to major cities around the globe and explore subtle and bold shades to enhance your own natural beauty by trying all three palettes.  By the way, I could use your help with my “palettoholism” problem.  Perhaps we can meet and discuss ways to overcome my throwing careful budgeting to the wind and handing over my credit card every time I see a collection of spectacular combined colors.  Afterward, I’ll treat you to lunch, a cool latte, and then maybe we can go shopping at Sephora or Ulta . . .