Most people get electronics on Black Friday/Cyber Monday… Me? I get makeup. Sugarpill had a pretty decent 30% sale going on, so I took the opportunity to get a few Loose Eyeshadows. Fortunately, three of the shades I got were actually included in the Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio – Junebug, Goldilux, and Hysteric. The other Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow I purchased was Asylum.


Left to right: Hysteric, Junebug, Goldilux, and Asylum.


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Sugarpill never fails to deliver on highly pigmented quality color.


Junebug is described as a forest green with a burst of diamonds. This green is definitely on the bluer side of the spectrum, which is fine by me. I’d say the least pigmented of these loose eyeshadows is Junebug, which is still pretty great. By itself, it takes a bit of packing on in order to get the desired pop of color, but when I used it on top of a black base, that seemed to solve the problem.


Goldilux is described as the brightest gold you’ve ever seen. I’d say that description is right on the money. Most gold shadows in my collection are a lot deeper or warmer – that’s why I was so attracted to Goldilux. It wasn’t like any other gold shadow I owned. This shadow was extremely pigmented – I barely swatched it and it was incredibly opaque. I can’t wait to start playing with this one.


Anisha convinced me to get this one, even though I have a million purple eyeshadows. Honestly, Hysteric really isn’t anything out of the ordinary when it comes to loose eyeshadows. I’ll probably use this a lot because purple is just about my favorite color, but I wasnt overly impressed with it – it’s great quality, don’t get me wrong, but I just kind of expect that from Sugarpill at this point. It’s the color itself that’s nothing new.


I am a HUGE sucker for red eyeshadows because you just don’t see them a lot. I’ve actually never seen it in loose shadow form. So, the decision to buy Asylum was the easiest purchasing decision I’d made all night. I LOVE this shadow. Red is kind of a difficult color to work with, in general, because you don’t see it very often and it’s just hard to know what to do with it, but I really can’t wait to start experimenting with Sugarpill’s Asylum. It’s definitely a lot of color to work with – I tried it on my eye and I really had to blend it out a bit because it was sooooo much.

I am really enjoying playing around with these shadows. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday this weekend, so I’m definitely going to bring a few of these Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows with me for some party looks. The Zillionaire Loose Eyeshadow Trio is available for $30, and each loose eyeshadow by itself is $12 on