A while back, I was having one of my girls-night-out-dinner-get-togethers and the topic of skin care came up.  One of my friends, who had a difficult time finding skin care products that don’t irritate her sensitive skin, mentioned coconut oil.  She went on and on about the benefits. And sure enough, her skin was AMAZING and it seemed to just glow. Furthermore, it was natural and AFFORDABLE. I’m all for affordable skin care.  She mentioned getting her products at Mother’s Market.

So I visited a local Mother’s Market and one of the sales girls mentioned she uses Shea Oil instead of coconut oil because it is less oily.  She said that because she wears makeup, coconut oil is too oily for her. She also said that a 40-something year old woman came in and purchased the Shea oil and her skin is like that of a 30 year old. I was SOLD.


Shea Oil is used for protecting skin from harsh weather, and it’s a great solution for skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, burns, dryness and other irritations. It’s a great moisturizer that helps elasticity in skin.

I’ve been using the shea oil for about a year now. This is the only skin care product I use besides retinal stuff for wrinkles.  I love it. I used to break out on a monthly basis, but now I don’t anymore. I recommended it to a dear friend of mine and she loves it, too. A lot of people are scared because it is oil based.  Since I have combination skin, I’m really not sure what it will do to super oily skin types. If you have any more information about Shea oil, please feel free to comment!