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Following my glowing review of Topshop’s Liquid Liner in Black Cab comes this post featuring one of Topshop’s Lips lipsticks in The Damned. While I’m not sure what about this shade inspired such a dramatic name, I will say that this berry shade is absolutely beautiful. Depending on what colored lips you naturally have, this […]

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These affordable drugstore makeup products from L’Oreal will replace some of your favorite high-end obsessions. In the past, I was totally guilty of being a makeup brand snob. I rarely ever shopped for makeup at the drugstore, instead sticking to the makeup counters at department stores and, of course, Sephora. Starting my own business has […]

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These glasses have become an absolute obsession. After picking them up from my optometrist yesterday morning, I’ve literally taken them off twice — once to wash my face and once to go to sleep. They’re just so very flattering and take all the attention off any problem areas on my face. In fact, I’ve effectively […]

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