Ever since scoring my first couple OCC lip tars from Sephora a couple weeks ago, I’ve been absolutely obsessed! I’m totally addicted to mixing lip tars, pigments, lip lacquers, etc. together since the possibilities are literally limitless!

My first (and favorite mixture) was the 1:1 combination of Pennyroyal and Prettyboy (a dot of each is all you need). It ended up being the absolute PERFECT neutral lip for my skin tone — a very pleasant surprise! The lip tars were also extremely pigmented, lasted forever, felt light on the lips, faded nicely, and were nicely moisturizing without feeling overly gunky.


I’d probably gush more, but I want to save the details for a more in depth post on OCC’s lip tars. I plan on doing individual swatches of all the colors I own and a quick bit on some of my other favorite combinations. A little something to look forward to, eh?

In the meantime, I wanted to share this amazingly neutral pink lip for those of you on the hunt for something subtle this fall!