As promised, swatches of Pure Ice’s Bite Me! This nail polish was actually my very first Pure Ice purchase. I had been experimenting with gold lacquers in an effort to see which suited my skin tone best and was attracted by both the $2 price tag and shade. While I wasn’t insane by how it ended up looking on me, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a gorgeous color. It’d look fabulous on light, olive, and dark skin tones and possibly medium skin tones with a more neutral undertone than mine.

So why bother swatching and posting about it? It’s an amazing water marble and layering shade. I’ve probably used this color in over 5 nail looks and it’s almost always my go to gold shade for mixing. I find that at $2, it’s beautiful and affordable enough to play with. It’s also excellent for any nail art detail.


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For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see my Pure Ice – Emerald Crush swatches, here’s how it paired up with Bite Me as the base color:

Click here to see more pictures of Emerald Crush.

As for the quality of the overall nail polish — nothing changes there. It pretty much follows everything I said about Emerald Crush with the exception of massive chipping. I find the formula of this particular color to be rather thin and opaque requiring less coats and less polish for each coat. Naturally, that resulted in a much longer wear time. The formula was also easier to work with as I wasn’t battling the placement of glitter chunks and didn’t show up streaky at all. I was totally satisfied with the finish and opacity of the color after two coats and found that it dried very quickly (approximately 6-7 mins).

Overall, another great budget nail polish to add to your collection.